Some Crazy and Unusual Events for February

Make your day out a bit more interesting by bringing your date to an event that appeals to your stranger sides. Whether you’re a gamer or a dog-lover, there’s something happening in St. Louis this February that will rock your world.

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Three Flags Tavern
How do lobster beignetssound?

At the Three Flags Tavern, it's not hard to find full flavors. They have cauliflower gratin, brisket burgers, onion rings and much more. They also have a wide variety of wines and beers on tap.

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Wasabi Sushi Bar
Yummy sushi specials for a romantic night out

Hungry for sushi? Take your sweetheart out to Wasabi Sushi Bar downtown. It's a great place for low-carb lovers and fish enthusiasts!

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Greek and Mediterranean eats in Boulevard Heights

How do lamb kebabs sound for dinner? Take your carnivore cutie to Apollonia for your date night. Not low-carb? Have a gyro!

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The Crossing
Healthy upscale options to help maintain your goals

Does your date eat low-carb? Help him or her stay fit at The Crossing in Clayton. They have shrimp, cheese, and a fabulous tasting menu.

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Give the Sweet Gift of Chocolate

Nothing says how sweet a person is like the delicious gift of chocolate. When you feel like giving your special someone a tasty treat, try one of St. Louis’ best chocolatiers. For the very best in gourmet chocolate, try Bissinger’s. They’ve been around for nearly 100 years now and have a reputation for serving up only the highest quality chocolates. For a double-dose of chocolate... Read More

Corner Bistro
Pizza and Italian favorites in Princeton Heights

Feel like chicken wraps, pizza and pasta? Head to Corner Bistro with your date. Be sure to try nutella crepes for dessert!

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Wood-fired pizza in Soulard

It was voted one of the hottest restaurants in St. Louis 2014. Pizzeoli is the place to get wood-fired, Neapolitan pizza in Soulard. Try the Bianca white pizza with your date.

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La Pizza
Neapolitan pizza in University City

They have lunch specials for under eight bucks. They also have toppings like capicola and pineapple. At La Pizza, you can get New York style pizza right in St. Louis.

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Pi Pizzeria
Fresh pizza in Downtown St. Louis

Yes, they have gourmet toppings. They also have craft beer. What else could you want on a date in St. Louis than Pi Pizzeria?

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