Lucas Park Grille
On Washington Avenue, you’ll find Lucas Park Grille, a great place to meet up for a date or find other St. Louis singles.

Ever been to the grille before? Tell us all about it!

Attitudes Part 2
It’s a friendly place that welcomes the entire community and is considered one of the best places in St. Louis to dance.

Ever been to Attitudes? Tell us about it!

Located on Manchester, Attitudes is the premiere LGBT nightclub in St. Louis.

How do you like the DJ at Attitudes?

Taste Part 2
It’s intimate enough for quiet conversation but like its name, it features plenty of delicious bites to try.

What is your favorite thing to eat at Taste?

One of the most chic cocktail bars in the Lou is Taste, a small establishment in Benton Park.

Have you ever been to Taste or its sister, Niche?

Broadway Oyster Bar
I am more into the bar than the oysters... but both are great! Take a spin back in time with the retro look of this classy joint.

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Black Thorn Pub
No thorns to speak of - but many great memories can be had here. A really nice server staff makes this a great environment!

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Par Lounge
It is "on par" with my expectations... I take that back. It is a little above what I require. Lots of singles.

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Nicks Pub
I havent met Nick, but I can say that his pub is one of the best in MO. Cheap drinks and nice service.

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The atmosphere is right in the name! Really nice bartenders and even an old juke box!

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